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Chinas EPRI developed a control system successfully put into operation

Release date:2016-09-07 Author: Click:

On January 1, the Reactive Power Voltage Control System (AVC) of the PV-based PV power station developed by China EPRI was successfully put into operation in Anhui Feidong Jinyang 100MW Photovoltaic Power Station.

PV inverter itself has a strong reactive power adjustment capability, but subject to the AVC system communication mode and control mode, the reactive power adjustment capacity has not been fully utilized, the photovoltaic power plant still need to configure a large number of dynamic reactive power compensation device, To a huge investment waste and the late operation and maintenance costs.

China Electric Power Research Institute after many years of research, breaking the inverter fast communication, reactive power - adaptive fast droop control, AVC partition hierarchical coordination control and other key technologies, successfully developed based on the inverter PV power plant reactive voltage Control system, the realization of the reactive power - droop control, constant voltage closed - loop control, reactive power control, power factor control and night reactive power support and other functions, and in Anhui Feidong Jinyang 100MW photovoltaic power plant for the application, Has the ability to replace the dynamic reactive power compensation device of photovoltaic power station. Import reactive power compensation

Since the operation, a series of operating data show that Anhui Feidong Jinyang photovoltaic power station relies on the inverter reactive power adjustment ability to meet the national standard GB / T19964-2012 "photovoltaic power plant access power system technical requirements" Requirements for reactive power regulation of power station. Moreover, the use of the AVC system 100MW photovoltaic power plant can save nearly 200 million yuan of dynamic reactive power compensation device initial investment costs and hundreds of thousands of yuan per year operation and maintenance costs, economic benefits are very significant.

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