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Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute "mobile power quality monitoring platform" won the first scientific and technological progress award

Release date:2017-02-07 Author: Click:

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shanghai Electrician Academy of Sciences, "the development and application of wireless monitoring system for power grid operation data" won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of China Communications Institute in 2016. This is the only company in the company this year won the award project. The award fully affirmed the Shanghai Electric Academy of Sciences relying on "mobile power quality monitoring platform" project in the wireless communication technology research made remarkable achievements.

Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute (reactive power compensation import)

By the Shanghai Electric Academy of Sciences developed mobile power quality monitoring platform, can enhance the quality of energy on-site monitoring capabilities to achieve on-site testing and online monitoring of the close integration. Which is different from the common commercial communication protocol. The wireless communication technology adopted by this platform has the functions of electromagnetic environment adaptive analysis, wireless transmission band adaptive selection, safe and reliable transmission of power grid data, which can provide safe and reliable transmission form for power grid data acquisition, have a broad vision of application. Since its inception in 2015, the mobile power quality monitoring platform has played an important role in the large-scale power quality special test of Shanghai Power Grid, which has reduced a lot of manpower and material resources for data transmission. Reactive power compensation import

At present, the mobile power quality monitoring platform in the China Communications Society organized the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting for the display, to achieve the power quality testing equipment and background master station wireless data communication function, access to the experts spoke highly of the experts.

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