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Eaton "Innovation Tour" to enter the West show advanced power quality solutions

Release date:2016-09-07 Author: Click:

The world's leading power management company Eaton held a nationwide 2016 "Innovation Tour" series of electrical technology activities, in the form of truck tour and technical lectures "open" into the major cities, and customers near Distance communication, a comprehensive display of Eaton in power quality, smart grid and power transmission in the field of the latest solutions. From August to September, the event will be held in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang and other places, and the western market customers and partners to share and discuss the field of electrical and energy technology innovation trends, allowing customers to experience the end of Eaton's leading data center solution. Imported capacitors

Eaton "Innovation Tour" to enter the West show advanced power quality solutions

At the Technical Day, Eaton focused on demonstrating its efficient products and solutions in the field of power quality. Including 93PR modular UPS, Modular ? small and medium data center solutions, 93E uninterruptible power solutions, Eaton and its Hills brand batteries. Eaton hopes to enter the western market through this truck tour, so that Eaton Solutions Mobile Experience Center in a more flexible way into the user, so that more local customers and partners experience Eaton's overall data center solutions, and customer zero Distance communication and communication.

Eaton's power quality products and solutions are favored by users in several large projects in the west, serving power security projects for user data center projects, including Tencent T-Block Western Digital Data Center, Ningxia Zhongwei Data Center, Xinjiang Center and so on. Eaton, as a trusted data center partner, focuses on the needs of the market and customers and continues to provide customers with a secure, efficient and environmentally friendly data center solution that helps customers to meet today's and future challenges in the data center. Data age to win the initiative.

Under the influence of the policy of "western development" in China, the development of the central and western regions is the national strategy and the inevitable trend of economic development. To their own resources and advantages of more investment in the Midwest has become the future direction of Eaton business development. Based on the leading edge in the Eastern and Central markets, Eaton has embarked on the Western Market Program, which has gained experience in the global data center to increase investment in R & D, sales and service teams in the West, Characteristics and needs, to provide customers with more reliable and efficient power products and protection, to ensure customer business continuity and reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

Thanks to the deepening of China's localization strategy and R & D capabilities continue to strengthen, Eaton in 2016 new products, solutions and services to better meet the market demand. Over the next three months, Eaton trucks will continue to enter more Midwest cities, allowing customers in the western region to experience Eaton's overall solution strength. Eaton will give full play to its global leadership in power management and lifecycle services, and participate in economic construction in the central and western regions through various forms.

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