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China Electricity International Union of Industrial Cooperation

Release date:2016-06-17 Author: Click:

At present, the global industrial structure to accelerate the adjustment, infrastructure construction in the ascendant. Promote the international production capacity has risen to a national strategy, "13th Five-Year Plan" to power as a catalyst for international production and equipment manufacturing cooperation in Key areas, the Chinese power industry "going out" face new opportunities. Imported capacitors

 The following association: the trade and the following association:

 - Implement national development strategy. Promote national production and technical cooperation in the strategic decision-making to support China's power companies rooted in the local, global development, promoting China's power equipment, Technology, standards, services "going out", continue to expand the power industry The depth and breadth of cooperation.

 - Promote the harmonious development of green development. Actively make the initiative to build a global energy Internet, promote the sustainable development of resources and the environment, pay attention to the conservation of resources and ecological environment protection. Actively take social responsibility, deepen the project Location and local enterprises of mutually cooperation cooperation, promote local economic and social development.

 - Totain the overall coordination, to the enterprise as the mainstay, market-oriented, abide by international practice and business principles, strengthen industry self-discipline, abide by the Union regulations, accept the alliance coordination, resolutely resist Disorderly competition, vicious competition, the formation of comprehensive competitive advantage

 - Build your company to power in the international market competition, to win high-quality projects and products reputation, shape the brand, to promote power equipment from "Made in China" To "China Quality", "China Zhi create" change, promote international cooperation and domestic industry transformation and upgrading of benign

 - insist on open tolerance and mutual benefit. Give full play to the role of the alliance platform, smooth information channels, to promote climate sharing, expand cooperation, expand the scope of cooperation, innovative business mode of operation, to promote upstream and downstream enterprises , Power companies and financial institutions in-depth cooperation between the power enterprises Baotuan sea, The

 Let us sincere cooperation to make the international cooperation in the healthy and orderly development of energy and make unremitting efforts!

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