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Brian (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Gaojing Li

Mobile: 17321320998

Tel: (+86)21-64201819

Fax: 021-64201819

Website: www.moesoyo.com

Email: sales@brogline.com

Address: Room 2292, 868 Jinqi Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Company Profile

Berger is a world leader in the field of power and automation technology, relying on the German advanced technology standards, is committed to providing customers around the world with professional reactive power compensation and power quality management of the overall solution for our customers to provide first-class, personality , Easy to use, innovative products and a full range of services to meet customer safety, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection desire to help customers improve production efficiency, while reducing the adverse effects on the environment.

China is not only the engine of the world economy, but also the focus of global development of Brian, in order to better serve Chinese customers, Bergeren actively with the international advanced scientific research institutions and China's first-class colleges and universities to design more suitable for China's domestic electricity environment innovation Products and new technologies to protect the safety and reliability of Chinese customers. The company's products are widely used in power generation, transmission, distribution and end-users of all aspects, specific to energy, chemical, manufacturing, natural gas, metallurgy, civil construction, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, public facilities ......

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